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Jake Queen
"Want To Make Bank With Your Own Online Business Traveling Around The World?"
  • Over 10,000+ sales calls taken, 8-figures+ in cash collected, trained over 50+ high ticket sales reps
  • Grew/managed sales teams with 20+ reps, doing $5mil+/mo in under 2yrs
  • Developed a PROVEN system for making a location-free living online by enrolling clients into high-ticket programs…
  • Now he wants to help YOU become a high-ticket enrollment specialist
Check Out Some Testimonials:
Natassa Gelinas

"I used to be in a call center... working more than 40hrs a week... for maybe $2,000 a month... and with Rise in the first 4 days I made like $1,400.
There's so much potential, it's insane. All you have to do is get on the phone and be the medium to changing their lives"

Chance Jonathan

"I was working a 9-5 job that was taking me nowhere in life...I immediately jumped on, quit my job, started making money. This really gives me time to do my passion. I really love motocross and this gives me time, location, and financial freedom with me being my own boss. I get to set my own schedule."

Michael Schwandt

"I was able to generate a great income from this. This is what allowed me to quit a 6-figure job in the midst of a pandemic. I wanted to get out of my job sooner or later, because I was not going to sit through it any longer in a job that I hated. I remember hitting 4 sales in one day and felt just ecstatic that I was able to do this & genuinely know I was helping people in the process."

Brad Shildkrout

"It has given me opportunity to move to Mexico for two months, set my own schedule and set my own hours. This program has allowed me to improve my own confidence and my professional growth. It's improved my ability and relationships with others. The community and relationships I have built from the course have been amazing. I am just a normal guy with the world in front of me."